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New Life Community Church has been shepherded by Pastor Gideon and Robin Gaitano since July 2005.

The Gaitanos are assisted by many others who serve in leadership, such as the Board of Stewards, the Ministry Team Coordinators and the Life Group Leaders.

New Life emphasizes that the healing of spirit, soul and body follows dependence on God and growth in Christian character through discipleship. We encourage each believer to look to God, to learn His Word, to love his neighbor and to lead others into a relationship with Jesus Christ.


Therefore, we provide opportunities in three areas: spiritual growth, relationship building, and service projects, in the church, in our community, and beyond our community.



Born in the Philippines, Pastor Gideon immigrated to the United States in 1988 to study Film and TV Production at Regent University because of his desire to make evangelistic films.


Pastor Gideon made use of his extensive background and training in the performing arts while he served as a music and drama minister in several churches for over 20 years in the Philippines and the US.  It was at that point in his life that GOD placed in him an undeniable call to make disciples of the unchurched. He felt called to pastor a local church and became a church planter in 2001.


His training in the Bible includes a certificate of Biblical Leadership from Word of Life Biblical Leadership Institute, Philippines; studies at the Asian Theological Seminary, Philippines; at Regent University School of Missions, Virginia Beach, VA; and at the doctoral level in Biblical Preaching at Trinity Theological Seminary, Indiana.


Pastor Gideon finds his joy and purpose in seeing people come under the leadership of JESUS CHRIST and unshackled from the destructive effects of sin. He is fully persuaded that only the power of GOD can bring this deliverance as people learn the Truth of GOD’s Word and obey it with GOD’s help.

Gideon Gaitano

Church Pastor

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