5. To be saved from hell and to enter into Heaven,

      we need to repent of our sins and believe that JESUS    

      CHRIST’s blood cleanses us from all sins.

6. Baptism is by immersion and that there is new birth

      through the regeneration of the HOLY SPIRIT.

7. In the present ministry of the HOLY SPIRIT, Whose

     indwelling enables the Christian to lead a godly life and

     whose filling provides power for service. 

1. The Bible is the Word of GOD. It is inspired and inerrant

      as originally given.

2. GOD is eternal, three persons in One:

      Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

3. In the deity of the Lord JESUS CHRIST,

     His virgin birth and His sinless life.

4. JESUS died on the cross for the sins of all mankind, rose            from the dead, rules at the right hand of the Father and is    

     coming again.

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